Swanky Little Coffee Camper

Welcome to Swanky Little Coffee Camper

 Invite us to be part of your special event and you will receive exceptional and professional service from our experienced and personable baristas. We offer a full service mobile espresso bar, drip coffee with an extensive menu with fun options and are able to meet the needs of your party for any event!

We will serve your guests Sandhills best coffee and more for $250 per hour with a minimum of two hours for up to 150 people. 

If your party is a little bigger, for parties over 150, we will add an additional barista at $25 per hour up to 300 guests. We can provide approximately 60+ drinks per hour.

For an additional fee of $75 per hour you may choose one of our delicious options such as Spiced and Vanilla Chai teas or House Special lattes. 

There will be no set up / clean up fee unless party requires SLCC to arrive before one hour prior to serving time, then there will be a flat rate of $50.00 unless it is over two-hours.

Beverage options include: 

  • Hot regular, flavored and decaf coffee. 
  • Cold Brew coffee on warm days, regular and decaf espresso drinks. 
  • Single Flavored latte’s with 20 flavors to choose from as well as sugar free options, and delicious chocolate, caramel and white chocolate sauces. 

All lattes can be served iced or hot. Let’s not forget our refreshing smoothies, frappes, and cold brew coffee, a great option for an outside event on a warm day. 

Our exceptional hot chocolate can also be served hot or blended.  

There will be no travel charge for functions within 15 miles of Southern Pines.  Functions further than 15 miles, will incur travel fees based on travel time.

Biodegradable paper cups, and ecofriendly cold cups are provided. At your cost china can be rented, and we will be happy to serve, but are not responsible for any damage that may occur. 

50% nonrefundable deposit is required at time of booking. Remainder is due two weeks prior to event.